Why Choose Us?

Our Services

  • We have a welcoming atmosphere and spacious rooms.
  • Our services are convenient to KV and all surrounding areas.
  • Virtual services are available to all in New Brunswick.
  • We use evidence-based therapy approaches.
  • We offer a wide variety of services for children, youth, adults and seniors.
  • Our services accommodate individuals, couples and families.
  • We offer specialized counselling therapies for First Responders, Police and Military.
  • We are covered by most extended health benefits (some with direct billing).

Our Team

  • We have a variety of professionals – Licensed Psychologists, Registered Social Workers and Licensed Counselling Therapists.
  • We offer bilingual services.
  • We take part in ongoing learning to stay current and ensure the best care.
  • We have a large team with a vast skill set to ensure you can find the expertise for you.
  • We are compassionate listeners.

Our Beliefs/Values

  • We believe in flexible therapy solutions.
  • Our approaches provide long-term solutions.
  • You will be respected, validated and understood.
  • We believe in the right fit for you. 
  • We honor your relationship with us as your pathway to success. 
  • We value safe, caring, confidential, and ethical practices.
  • We are all-inclusive – LGBTQIA2S+, diverse age, culture, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, ability and socioeconomic status.

Meet Our Clinicians


KV Psychology & Wellness Clinic offers a full range of therapy services.

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We offer a wide range of testing services at KV Psychology & Wellness Clinic. Assessments are completed by Licensed Psychologists.

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NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback

We are so proud to offer NeurOptimal® neurofeedback at our clinic. Developed by two Clinical Psychologists, NeurOptimal® is a type of neurofeedback that is used to help train the brain to function at its best.

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