Couples Therapy

Couples therapy, sometimes called relationship or marriage counselling, is when you and your partner seek out a therapist to help you move through the challenges you are experiencing as a couple. Having a neutral third party can be helpful in guiding you while teaching you healthy, more effective ways of connecting and communicating with each other. This type of counselling can benefit couples in all relational phases including pre-marital counselling, new parenthood, final efforts before separating/divorcing and everything in between.


Below is a list of presenting issues that we can help couples overcome:
  • Building new loving relationships 
  • Communication and trust 
  • Dealing with infidelity 
  • Empty-nest relationships
  • Managing anger and intense emotions
  • Marriages and health challenges 
  • New families
  • New parenthood 
  • Parenting teens and balancing marriage 
  • Premarital assessment and skill building 
  • Relationships in crisis 
  • Step-parenting skills 
  • Strengthening existing relationships

Fees for this type of therapy range from $155 to $220, plus HST when applicable.

Team Members

Who can help
  • Andrew Glidden
  • Chelsea Arsenault (on leave)
  • Jennifer Fudge Marsh
  • Jody Kennedy
  • Liz Clark
  • Vanessa MacEwan