Child & Youth Social-Emotional Assessment

A social-emotional assessment addresses issues relating to areas of social, emotional, or behavioural functioning in children and youth. The social-emotional evaluation includes an interview with the primary caregiver(s), a formal and informal assessment of the child or youth regarding emotional well-being and social development and contact with other informants (e.g., social worker, daycare worker or teacher, or extended family members). There is a written report containing a diagnosis (if appropriate), but more importantly it pinpoints areas that need to be addressed in therapy, or skills that the child could develop. The report also contains pertinent recommendations and suggestions for parents and teachers around the child’s behaviour.

We often conduct social-emotional assessments in conjunction with psychoeducational assessments, as it allows us to rule out learning or cognitive causes for behavioural difficulties or social/emotional problems. If there are underlying cognitive challenges, it is important to understand how these may contribute to behavioural or emotional difficulties.

This type of assessment may be used to evaluate children (ages 10 and up) or youth who are displaying:
  • Significant anxiety and worry or sadness and depression
  • Mood fluctuations, emotional reactivity, poor self-esteem or significant irritability
  • Anger issues, aggressive behaviour, angry outbursts
  • Difficulties getting along with peers
  • Symptoms of emotional or behavioural disorders
  • Social emotional assessments may address a child’s difficulties in coping with challenging life experiences.

Effective October 1, 2023, the fee for a Child/Youth Social-Emotional Assessment ranges from $1800-2200 based on case complexity.

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  • Angela Gionet
  • Chelsea Arsenault (on leave)
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