Parenting Counselling

The therapist will work with a set of parents to aid in any parenting issues that may be causing difficulty. In parenting counselling, your therapist will work with you to determine discipline, communication, and conflict management styles. The idea of parenting counselling is twofold, to try specific parenting techniques with your children and to provide parents with the tools to make lasting changes in the way they parent that fits with their overall parenting styles.

Below are some reasons parents seek out parenting counselling:
  • Child/teen not listening 
  • Feeling like you are always nagging or yelling at your child/teen
  • Child/teen being disrespectful
  • Reward charts are not working 
  • Time outs are not working
  • Child-parent relationship is deteriorating
  • Feeling lost and not sure what to do next as a parent

The fee for this type of therapy ranges from $135 to $200, plus HST when applicable.

Team Members

Who can help
  • Andrew Glidden
  • Christine Brittain
  • Jessica Scott (on leave)
  • Jody Kennedy
  • Katie Datta
  • Kim Medford
  • Mackenzie Floyd
  • Meredith Henry
  • Dr. Pam Dodsworth
  • Stephanie Estey
  • Vanessa MacEwen



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