What happens during a NeurOptimal® session?

Two EEG leads will be placed on your scalp and three clips will be placed on your ears. As you listen to music or watch a movie, through a set of headphones, the EEG leads monitor the electrical activity within the brain on both the right and left hemispheres, simultaneously. The specially designed NeurOptimal® software detects any changes or differences in the electrical signals, which is an indication that the brain is about to make a change/shift and notifies the brain by briefly interrupting the music/audio you are listening to. These pauses invite the brain to return to the present moment and train your brain to be more calm and in control. You simply sit back and relax and let your brain do all the work.

Free Consultation

Have you ever wondered about what a NeurOptimal® session looks and feels like? At KV Psychology, we are happy to provide you with a consultation where you are able to try NeurOptimal® first hand, with an introductory session. During this time, you’re able to ask any questions you may have and experience first hand the zen that so many discover from brain training.

Neurofeedback Testimonials:

“Every session of NeurOptimal® helps me to relax. Before the session, I feel as though my nervous system is in high gear. I have a lot of anxiety and it is difficult to relax. After the session, I feel like I have geared-down and am able to relax. I sleep better and I find sessions with my therapist are more productive.”

NeurOptimal® is not a medical treatment, device or methodology. It is not used to diagnose medical disorders, nor is it used as a medical treatment for disorders and has not been approved for any medical purpose by the FDA, Health Canada or any other governing agency. While Zengar users may or may not be licensed health care practitioners, their use of NeurOptimal® is solely as a tool for brain training and optimization and not as a means of diagnosis or as a medical intervention.