Psychologist? LCT? RSW?

One question we get a fair bit in the clinic is what are the differences between a Licensed Counselling Therapist, Registered Social Worker and Licensed Psychologist? We’re going to break it down today.

? Licensed Psychologists are able to provide psychotherapy services, as well as specific types of assessments and they are able to provide a diagnosis for a client. In 2021, to become a licensed psychologist in New Brunswick, a person must have either PhD or Psy-D, they must also complete a provincial licensing examination.

? Registered Social Workers are able to provide psychotherapy services. In order to provide psychotherapy services at our clinic, an RSW must have completed a Masters in Social Work and the necessary clinical supervision hours for New Brunswick Association of Social Workers.

? A Licensed Counselling Therapist is able to provide psychotherapy services. To become a licensed counselling therapist in New Brunswick, a person must have a masters degree, and go through the certification process, involving clinical supervision hours with the College of Counselling Therapists of New Brunswick.

The takeaway? All three providers are able to adequately provide therapeutic services to you. What makes a clinician a good fit for you therapeutically will not be their credentials, it will be their approach and clinical experience which is why we always recommend reading our clinical bios on our website.

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