Have you ever been told that when you use the word “but” in a sentence it cancels out everything you said before it? That’s actually a true fact. When our brain hears the word “but” it focuses on what comes next and almost forgets about the first part of the sentence. Let’s look at a...
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This week we want to focus on the power of “yet”. This small word has a powerful impact larger than its three letters would lead you to believe. “Yet” has become linked with instilling hope and building a growth mindset which are very popular concepts in the psychology world and many other aspects of our...
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There is an interesting trend that has been growing more and more common all around us: the phrase, “I feel like…” to describe any number of things. For instance, “I feel like a burger”, “I feel like things are going downhill”, “I feel like Jane doesn’t like me”, and “I feel like we should go...
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We use language every day in all aspects of our life, but rarely do we stop to think if the words we use and how we use them has any power over us. The truth is words matter. They have incredible power over how we feel and how we experience the world. For instance, have...
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