The Happiness Trap

Our book of the month for June is The Happiness Trap by Russ Harris. Here’s what Licensed Counselling Therapist, Meredith Henry, had to say about it:

“This was my first introduction to Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and led me to do further research, training, and practice of this therapy through the years.
So often people come to therapy because they “just want to be happy”. Yet so much of our society, our physiology, and the evolution of the human mind keeps us from feeling happy. Happiness is an emotional state that we move in and out of throughout our lives, just like anger, sadness, joy, and surprise. What most people mean when they say they “just want to be happy” is they want to live a rich, fulfilling, and meaningful life; a life worth living. This type of life includes a full range of human emotions; happiness, joy, love, sadness, grief, and more. We need to learn how to handle all the good and bad parts of life so that we can move through them and work around them and create a life worth living.
This book teaches people about the ways we get trapped searching for but never attaining happiness. It teaches people various tools and skills to open up to all that life brings, work with all the thoughts and feelings we have, and engage with the world around us so that we can focus on creating a life that is rich, fulfilling, and meaningful to us.”