Career Assessment

If you are in between jobs, recently graduated, feeling a bit stagnant in your career or you would like some guidance as to which career area you would be best suited to, this type of assessment may help provide some direction for you. This type of assessment involves measuring aptitudes, interests and values to determine suitable career areas.

There is no flat rate available for this type of assessment, as the length of each assessment/exploration varies widely.

Career Assessment, Development and Exploration

If you are nearing the end of high school, recently graduated, in university or college and feeling overwhelmed with career choices and which direction to take, this package might be for you.

This package involves gathering information about skills, interests, and employment history. Completing assessments around personality, interests, goals, values and skills. Clients will receive a written comprehensive report during a feedback session where implications of the results are explored and resources are provided. The final piece of the assessment is exploring the world of work; determining what fits for them, what doesn’t, and determining steps forward.

The fee for this type of assessment ranges from $450-$600, plus applicable GST/HST, depending on the amount of sessions needed.

Team Members

Who can help
  • Chelsea Arsenault
  • Meredith Henry
  • Paula Harlow